A CAM Adventure in Washington and Baltimore

The Corporate Finance CAM at The Carlyle Group headquarters.

Last week, Professor Scott Gibson and the 2nd years in the Corporate Finance CAM (Career Acceleration Module) headed to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, to meet with financial leaders from top organizations including Legg Mason and The Carlyle Group.

On Tuesday, the group was in Baltimore and had a lengthy visit with Legg Mason.  The visit was structured into 30 minute segments, in which a different financial analyst at Legg Mason spoke to the group on a variety of topics.  These topics included their personal viewpoints on how to best evaluate a company.  They also spoke about their own career paths and expanded upon what they did to make it to the top of their area of expertise.

Many of the students enjoyed seeing how the knowledge they gained in the classroom translated into a company like Legg Mason.  It was clear that the financial fundamentals acquired in the classroom are the same that analysts apply at companies like Legg Mason.

One of the analysts who presented at Legg Mason was Reed Cassady.  He is an MBA graduate from the Mason School and a former student of Professor Gibson.  It’s always nice to see one of our very own succeed, while giving back to the school.  Later that same evening the class along with Reed and several other Mason MBAs working at Legg Mason, headed to a Baltimore Orioles baseball game.  It was a great ending to a very informative day.

The next day the class headed to Washington, D.C. to meet with The Carlyle Group.  During this visit we met with a variety of analysts and were given some quality Q&A time. Once again, the students enjoyed seeing the knowledge gained in the classroom come to life at a prestigious company like the Carlyle Group.

After visiting with Carlyle, the class met with two talented analysts from the Export-Import Bank of the United States and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. This was a great opportunity to get insight into project financing.  This trip was enjoyed by all and was a definite success.

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Pasha Alidoost

Pasha Alidoost is a full-time MBA student at the Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary.

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