Diwali: The Celebration of Lights

Randy K. Tripp Jr. and Director of MBA Admissions, Amanda Barth.

Randy K. Tripp Jr. and Director of MBA Admissions, Amanda Barth.

This past Friday I was able to participate in my first student organized event since joining the Mason School of Business. Our ISA (International Student Association) put on our annual Diwali Celebration and it was a night of good food, good information and good entertainment.

Our excellent hosts, Hanyan and Ashutosh, welcomed us and were great with leading us through the night. The night began with a traditional Indian dinner. Indian is definitely one of my favorite types of cuisine, so the night was off to a great start! Throughout the evening there were various performances from different members of the campus community. W&M undergraduate students, the W&M Bhangra team and of course our own MBA students all put on great performances of traditional Indian dances. There was even a contribution from the Mason faculty/staff- but more to come on that later.  We also enjoyed a presentation on the meaning of Diwali as well as some general information about Indian culture. Overall the night was filled with lots of fun and energy.

When I was hired as Associate Director, it was playfully discussed that I would be participating in the different cultural nights throughout the year. Little did I know at the time of accepting the position that I would be standing on stage as a part of the faculty/staff dance. Not only was I on stage, but for what I consider “rookie hazing”   I was placed front and center to lead the dance.  If any of the students didn’t know me before, they sure do now! Another highlight was when, about mid-way through the dance, Assistant Dean Deborah Hewitt danced herself right out of her shoe and it went flying across the stage. It was a lot of fun participating in the show and being supportive of our students and I was able to wear one of the fashionable items I purchased while in India! I am sure there will be a video circulating pretty soon as well as photos, so check the Mason Social media outlets for postings.

Our students work really hard inside the classroom, so it is great to see them relaxed and having fun too. It was also great to see the support from the faculty, staff, executive partners and their fellow students. It really does show the true community and family that exist here on campus.

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Randy Tripp

Randy currently serves as the Associate Director of MBA Admission for the Mason School. After graduating from William & Mary with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology in 2005, Randy worked in the Undergraduate Admission Office at William & Mary for 5 years. After being away from W&M for a year and a half, he returned to the Mason School in May 2012 to serve in his current role.

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