Leadership, development … and golf

Prior to coming to law school in the fall of 2009, I spent a year teaching primary school English in Tours, France where I had spent a semester abroad in the spring of 2007.

The leadership development program has had an even greater impact on me than I ever imagined.  During one of the special dinners during orientation with second year students, faculty, and several executive partners, a conversation started about golf and the possibility of organizing a women’s clinic.  It sounded great but it had been several years since I had formed a club myself and I figured if someone really wanted it to happen they would make it happen.

A few weeks later, during one of many presentations about the leadership development project, I realized that creating this clinic could be exactly what I needed to challenge myself in one if not all of the core competencies we focus on here at Mason.

After presenting my idea to my coach and speaking with a few people, I reached out to a local golf pro and the project began to take shape.  Immediately it proved a success with over 30 women signing up to participate in a 3 week program consisting of small group sessions and a round of 9 holes.

While learning to golf has been fun for me and the other Mason women participating, it has been the experience organizing the clinic that has made the biggest impact on me.  It taught me that what may seem like a big idea can be easily achieved when you put in even just a little time and heart.  It taught me that reaching out to your community with a positive attitude can have a big impact for you and them.  It taught me that I have the skills necessary to go out into the world a make a difference.

Having received such positive feedback, I am excited to see this once small leadership project develop into a yearly component of the womens’ MBA experience as our skills and alumnae base grow too.

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Laura Householder

Laura Householder is a JD/MBA student here at the College of William and Mary.

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