Mason Idol is back — Raising Funds, Raising the Roof

It’s that wonderful, magical time of year again.  Yes, you guessed it.  Mason Idol is back!  Mason Idol will be this Friday, April 5th, starting at 6pm in Brinkley Commons.  It is promised to be a fun-filled night during which we get to see our peers and Mason staff in a whole new light.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty pumped.

This will be my first Mason Idol, though I have heard legends of past performances.  They typically go something like the story of Cinderella or some other fairy tale.  There is magic and wonder and – BIPPITY BOPPITY BOOP – people are transformed into rockstars and comedians!  That quiet girl you’ve been sitting next to all year is all of a sudden on stage in her best bedazzled dress, singing Proud Mary.  Whoa.  It’s stories like that from Mason Idol and the ISA culture nights that really stood out in my mind as being a key differentiator for the Mason School of Business here at William & Mary.  Needless to say, when I saw Michele Mitchell-Moffitt’s email looking for volunteers to help plan Mason Idol, I immediately accepted.

We have some great, well, at the very least, interesting, performances lined up for this year’s Mason Idol.  We have singers, dancers, people playing the guitar/piano, and … even someone reading children’s stories? Alright, I told you we have interesting performances lined up.  Plus, we have three judges lined up – Margo “Paula” Wheeler, Rick “Simon” Spatz, and Professor Ram “Randy Dawg” Ganeshan.  We also have two great emcees this year who will keep the fun going between performances.  Plus, food and beverages will be served!  All are welcome to attend, though due to the nature of some of the performances, children are not recommended.

There is also a greater cause to the evening besides watching our classmates and program staff shake their tail feathers.  The annual Faculty/Staff Auction to benefit Kidz’NGrief will also take place during Mason Idol.  Faculty and staff of the program donate activities that they share with students.  Last year, these included breakfast at Five Forks with Professor Flood, an intellectual scavenger hunt with Professors Ash and Monark, and an American-style pool-side cookout with Julie Hummel and Carlane Pittman.  These activities are typically for groups of students, which helps up the ante!  In fact, a dinner with Professor Strong, his wife, daughter, and dog, Marcus, for 4 students even went for over $500!!!  This year, some of the auction items include lunch with Professor Foster for 5, dinner for 10 at Amanda Barth’s house, and dinner for 4 at Dean Robeson’s house (who also happens to have a stellar wine collection – wink, wink).  So, start gathering your groups and polling your money together!  Winning groups must submit payment by April 6, with checks made payable to “Kidz’NGrief”.

See you all there on Friday!

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Alyssa Smith

Alyssa Smith is an MBA student with the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary.

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