Meet the First Year… Kathleen Quinn

Where are you from?
Rosemont, PA (right outside Philly)

Describe yourself in one word.

What’s a typical day like for you?
Wake up, turn on some music (Hall & Oates, Girl Talk, Jay and Ye…depends on the day) and get ready for school. I’m usually in a study room by 7 finishing up some reading for the day. Class from 8-12:30, then a team meeting or studying at Miller Hall for a few hours. I try to go to a fitness class in the afternoon, then head home for studying and some quality time with my roommates.

If you were not in the MBA program then where would you have been?
Laying on the beach in Turks & Caicos. Just kidding — I’d still be working in Atlanta

Favorite cuisine and restaurant?
I actually hate going out to eat (not normal — I know) but I LOVE Wawa. You should really try their Shortis, Soft Pretzels, and Chocolate Milk

Favorite subject?
My Junto – shout out to Global Economic Systems & Dick Flood!

Fitness classes, watching Pretty Little Liars, eating in my bed

What do you like about the Mason MBA program?
Teamwork (18!), awesome community service opportunities, FUN social events (also the Dalai Lama was beyond rad)

Your thoughts so far and message to your classmates.
It’s been a long and crazy year that’s quickly winding down. This is an amazing program with wonderful opportunities. Like all things in life, you only get out of it what you put into it. I really encourage everyone to come out to all the events coming up in the next few weeks (YVR, blood drive, golf tournaments, mug nights, spring formal, Mason Idol, Tribe Fest) and socialize with your classmates — especially people you still haven’t gotten a chance to know.

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Divya Singla

Divya Singla is a first-year MBA student with the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary.

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