Senator Bob Bennett visits the Mason School

Senator Bob Bennett talks healthcare and other legislation to students at Miller Hall. Photo by Jason Liu

Last Friday, former Senator Robert F. “Bob” Bennett of Utah came to the Mason School of Business for a lecture on healthcare. Sen. Bennett served as United States Senator for 18 years and was largely known for being a senator who was both fair and wise. The Healthcare Club was interested in having him come in and speak, because much of his career was focused on healthcare reform. During his tenure he co-sponsored the Healthy Americans Act with Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon.

This legislation gained national appeal because it was a genuine attempt to improve the healthcare system from a bi-partisan perspective.  Sen. Bennett began his lecture by commentating on how this is his second visit to William & Mary, he previously visited the W&M Law School.

As he said, he felt more comfortable visiting the business school because he actually comes from a business background, unlike the majority of politicians.  The healthcare discussion began with a look into different ways in which the healthcare structure of a given country is evaluated.  His point was that comparisons can be different, based on what specific areas are being considered.

Sen. Bennett also offered some analysis of the Affordable Care Act.  In keeping with his reputation of being able to work with the other side, he pointed out both positive and negative parts of the legislation.  He also gave his breakdown of Medicare, and spoke about employee funded health insurance coverage.

At the end of his talk he was more than willing to take several questions.  Before leaving Sen. Bennett was presented with a gift from the Mason School, and a special coin on behalf of the Military Fellows for his service.

Watch excerpts from Senator Bennett’s presentation:

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