Six topics from my friends at Deloitte

My name is Jackeline Pous, I am Mexican and right now I am a First Year MBA student at William and Mary. I have experience in the non-profit sector and I am an entrepreneur. I am also a First Year Representative of NAWMBA and the Co-founder and Vice-president of the Social Entrepreneurship Club in William and Mary.

On November 10, we had the pleasure of having a panel with Deloitte consultants Grace Cheng, Erica Whitehead and Jacqueline Winters. The main discuss was mainly about the role of Women in Business.

The first subject they talked about was the advice they would wish someone gave them. The panelists told us that it is not all about hard work. Think where you want to be in 10 years, it is not a straight line. You need to pace yourself, that you are doing something that helps your spirit. The journey is going to be hard. Hard work is good, but you need to also build in what you are successful, recognize it!  Make a good impression with what you are good at (your leadership program, if you are good with grades). Also, to build relationships with your teammates develop relationship with clients, so they will trust you with their concerns.

The second subject they talked about is the balance between their passion and what they do. The panelists shared that the Consulting industry is very demanding. You need peculiarities. Find clients that you like to work in their projects. The project sometimes is not the most interesting. The key is finding something in it that you are interested in, so you can get passion. There are endless possibilities and projects. You are never stuck in what you are doing.  Find some challenges!

The third subject was about leadership roles in women. Ms. Cheng, Ms. Whitehead and Ms. Winters told us that there are some characteristics that you can’t take away. You have to recognize it and be conscientious of not buying it. Because of that, you can challenge the people. Figure out how to use posture, language, relationships, influence, get the credibility. But at the end of the day, having good ideas beats everything. Be yourself!

The fourth subject was about their hardest time in their jobs. They talked about communicating with people and maximize contributions from team members.

The fifth subject was about their experience in clients that hear more the men than women. The panelists told us that it is true, but that there are also some of clients that hear more the women. Therefore, tackle the situations, proof yourself, and speak up!

Finally they talked about the balance between life and work. The shared that in Deloitte, there is a huge support to the families, so for them the word is not “balance”, is “fit”

The luncheon was a success!!!

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Jackeline Pous

Jackeline Pous is an MBA candidate at the College of William and Mary's Mason School of Business.

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