The fun world of Charlie Seltzer

He is known for throwing the best parties in the MBA program with his roommates; his love for biking and everything Latin America; and his infectious smile. Join us as we explore the fun world of Charlie Seltzer.

BB: What is your area of concentration and where did you intern this summer?

CS: I took the Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurship CAMs and interned at Gourmet Trading in L.A.

BB: Why did you decide to come to Mason and has it been everything you hoped?

CS: I wanted to come to Mason for the small size, academic tradition, and EP program. Although I am far from achieving my goals, my experience has far exceeded my initial expectations.

BB: What has been the best part of your experience?

CS: Discovering my ideal career for the next 20 years and increasing my confidence in my skills, knowledge, and experiences. Also, it has been awesome getting to know my classmates and share this experience with them.

BB: How is the job search going and what is your ideal job?

CS: My job search came to an end last summer after meeting my future boss at a bar in Venice Beach. My ideal job is private equity in Latin America but never forgetting why the poverty cycle and unnecessary inequalities exist.

BB: I have heard you have a passion for Latin/Central America; can you tell us more?

CS: Mujeres de pura calidad! But Latin America is an amazing combination of my interests: politics, economics, contemporary history, Spanish, music, outdoors, and spicy food. I also love (almost envious) the way Latin cultures value family, trust, friendship, and happiness.

BB: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not dealing with school work?

CS: Learning about Latin America — I also like bro-ing out with my roommate Rob (occasionally Guyon joins), grocery    shopping    and cooking with my other roommate Justin, and sabotaging Asok.

BB: Well Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; what is the best gift anyone has ever given you on this day?

CS: When you are 5’2, corky, and unsmooth you have to give all the gifts on Valentine’s Day. However, on Valentine’s Day in the 4th grade I did get dumped by my 6th grade girlfriend. Even though I wore Girbaud jeans, she told me I was a loser.

Thank you Charlie and all the very best in everything.

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