Two Week Anniversary & Fortè Forum

Today marks my second week as a full-time member of the MBA Admissions staff, and what a two weeks it has already been!

Lessons learned so far:

1)      Only bring one bag to your recruiting destination. Yes, this means combining your Admissions materials and your clothing into one hold-all.

2)      Be bold & enthusiastic.

3)      For goodness’ sake, bring a pair of flat shoes.

…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Some of you may recognize me as the former Coordinator of MBA Admissions & CareerPREP, but I am now pleased to say that I will be taking over as Assistant Director of MBA Admissions. In this new role I not only get to plan & host your Campus Visits, but I can also start getting my feet wet in recruiting! I hope to meet many of you both on our campus and on the road in the coming months. I really think of this role as one in which I have the best job in the world – creating opportunity for others by showing them how a William & Mary MBA just might change their life.

Last week I was privileged to represent William & Mary’s MBA Program at the Fortè Forum in Washington, DC. It was very exciting and humbling to be in the presence of so many great potential candidates and future leaders! I received a lot of questions about what our graduates’ career prospects are (even in these difficult times, numbers are up from last year!) and what the experience is like. My cohort, 2012 Alum Angela Mikolajewski, and I spent a lot of time discussing with candidates what makes our community special – from our students’ dedication to serving others to their commitment to celebrating diversity. I hope that the candidates we spoke to were really able to appreciate the myriad levels of connectivity with peers and the world at large that William & Mary is able to offer.

The night ended well – I met a bevy of great candidates and hope that still others left the event feeling empowered to get an MBA. The only component of the evening that didn’t fare well was my feet; as I got ready to limp/drag one of my two bags out of the convention my cohort Angela quickly slipped on a pair of flat shoes before looking at me and saying simply: “This is not my first Rodeo.” Lessons learned, and now when I head up to Fortè’s next event in New York City next week, it will no longer be my first Rodeo!

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Emory Gunn

Emory Gunn is the Assistant Director of MBA Admissions. She has been fortunate enough to work with both the MBA Admissions staff & CareerPREP staff in her previous role as Coordinator and has been with the Mason School of Business since October of 2010.

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