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For some it was welcome and for others it was welcome back!  May 29th marked my return to William and Mary and a return to the life of an admission officer.  This time, however, I will not be recruiting and reviewing applications for our undergraduate programs, but instead I have returned as the Associate Director of MBA Admissions for the Mason School of Business.  I am definitely excited about the new opportunities and the new challenges that will come with this new role and this first month has been great!  To say I am pleased to be returning to W&M would not do my feelings justice as  I am happy to be joining a group of colleagues that are really dedicated to making the Full-Time MBA program the best it can be.  As I walk around Miller Hall (and try not to get lost in the process-but I’ll save that for another blog!), I laugh with my colleagues because when I was here before, the space that Miller Hall now occupies was a parking lot for students.  For all I know my car could have been parked in the exact place that I call my office.  It’s crazy to think how much William and Mary has changed in such a short period of time.

While some faces are new, I am happy to see a good number of familiar faces around as I walk around.  Being reunited with my friend and Director of MBA Admissions, Amanda Barth, is exciting and I think we will be able to do some great work together.  I am also excited about working with Carlane Pittman-Director of MBA programs, as our paths also crossed during my previous time in Williamsburg.  Of course there are all the students who are still here as well as my colleagues in various offices on campus that I look forward to reconnecting with over the next few weeks I am here.

I hope this blog is able to convey just how excited I am about being back at William and Mary and working with the Mason School.  I look forward to meeting our Mason alumni, current MBA’s and building the Mason legacy with future candidates to the program.

Another chapter in my W&M story has just begun!

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Randy Tripp

Randy currently serves as the Associate Director of MBA Admission for the Mason School. After graduating from William & Mary with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology in 2005, Randy worked in the Undergraduate Admission Office at William & Mary for 5 years. After being away from W&M for a year and a half, he returned to the Mason School in May 2012 to serve in his current role.

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